Make connections between school and life through active explorations!


At The Nature Place, we believe that positive, hands-on experiences in nature that are accessible to all inspire meaningful connections and a sense of appreciation and stewardship for our natural world.

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Nature Education Days for Schools at The Nature Place and/or Your School

The Nature Place can bring life to your lessons with interactive explorations.

Whether you are looking to FOSSter an interest in your science unit, create cross-curricular ties with reading, math, history or social studies units, reward your class with an outdoor experience or simply get outdoors – we would love to work with you!

Cindy Blobaum
Environmental Education Program Manager
Email Cindy or call 608-860-5363

Three young learners looking into silver pan of marsh plants and water on a table with a female leader at the far end of the table with tweezers.

Homeschool Science Series

The Nature Place welcomes homeschooled students to participate in 4-week science series, giving access to resources and opportunities to interact with nature and each other!  The spring theme is Earth Sciences.

9 - 12 year olds will meet on Tuesdays, Mar. 12 - April 2  1 - 2:30 pm

5 - 8 year olds will meet on Thursdays, Mar. 14 - April 4  1 - 2:30 pm

Space is limited, register by clicking on the desired age group above.

Cindy Blobaum
Environmental Education Program Manager
Email Cindy or call 608-860-6864 ext. 234

Space is limited, register by clicking on the desired age group above.


Outdoor Education Programs

Preschool-Kindergarten Programs

(1 Hour)

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

  • Discuss signs of the season
  • Explore habitats using senses
  • Find and compare natural items - seeds, rocks, feathers, leaves, etc.

Critter Capers

  • Learn about animal adaptations by investigating artifacts (skin coverings, skulls, etc.)
  • Meet a live education animal
  • Includes related book, and a song or fingerplay

1st & 2nd Grade Programs

(1.5 Hours)

Incredible Insects (best done Sept/Oct.)

  • Learn insect anatomy and life cycles
  • Catch, compare and identify insects and other arthropods from various habitats (park, forest, prairie, marsh)
  • During monarch migration (Sept.) tag monarch butterflies (weather and butterflies permitting)

Wisconsin Wildlife

  • Review basic animal classifications (birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, arthropods)
  • Compare adaptations of local wildlife through hands-on examination of skulls, skins and tracks.
  • Learn about predator/prey relationships through games and discussions

3rd Grade Programs

(2 Hours)

Let's Move!

- exploration of different types of motion and movement, created by external (weather, earth forces) and internal (animal) actions.

4th & 5th Grade Programs

(2 Hours)

Driftless geology and landforms

  • Overview of the rock cycle
  • Introduction to fossil formation and identification
  • Can include field work at the quarry.

Sunshine and Shadows

  • Overview of Earth's movements in the solar system
  • Recording of sun's movement through shadow exploration
  • Creation of a simple analemmatic sundial

Snowshoeing (conditions permitting)

  • An active adventure available when snow conditions permit.

Middle-School Programs

Diversity of Life

Choose your focus for learning to find and identify:

  • Aquatic macroinvertebrates
  • Birds
  • Insects (fall only)
  • Plants

Other Program Options

Mapping It  Learn rudimentary skills making and using topographic maps.

Navigation  Introduction to compass and/or GPS skills.

Geology Rocks!  From elemental geology to a deeper experience in understanding the earth - we can cover it for any grade level.

Water Quality Matters! Learn how to assess water quality through biotic and abiotic measurments.

Survival Skills Learn how to prepare and survive the unexpected with hands-on investigations making it real.


Programs available at your school

  • Animal adaptations
  • Geology
  • Exploring a bucket of marsh muck
  • Others upon request.


  • One or two-hour sessions (depending on age) with maximum of 2 per day
  • Linked to curriculum, tailored to classroom needs
  • Group size limited to maintain low naturalist/learner ratio.

To reserve your day and time for any program or if you have questions, contact
Cindy Blobaum 608-860-6864 ext. 234 or email


Onsite programs - offered Sept. 15, 2023 - June 5, 2024

$75 for 1 hour program at TNP for up to 16 preK - 2nd grade students

$125 for 2 hour program at TNP for up to 28 3rd - 12th grade students


At your site programs  - offered Nov. - March

mileage fees added for programs over 15 miles from TNP

Each program 45 - 50 minutes long

$125 for first program each day, $100 for second program, $75 for each additional program (limit of 5 programs per day).


Programs are reserved on a first-come, first served basis.

More information coming soon in PDF format


“My daughter loved it and we are still talking about it!! It was fun, safe, educational! It was very well organized and planned out.”

“The staff were personable and greeted my daughter by name. Lots of creative activities too. I highly recommend this program. We will definitely do it again!”

“My son loved his program and was sad when it was over.”