Tim Sprain


I am honored to be a part of this organization that reflects my personal passion. Let me tell you more about why I support WisCorps...

My roots are in the Coulee Region and I grew up in a family that valued agriculture, education and the performing arts. My experiences in 4-H, in the West Salem School Forest, and the La Crosse Community Theater molded my youth.

I am now a 7th grade teacher and the 6th through 12th grade Science Coordinator for the La Crosse School District and a graduate Faculty member of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I live to serve the needs of our regional communities with an emphasis in the same areas my family valued.

Why do I enjoy being a board member of WisCorps? Three words come to mind...WORK, LAND, and PASSION. WORK because WisCorps focuses on skill building and work ethic. LAND because sustainable land use practices are vital to our future. PASSION, because WisCorps staff, volunteers and participants are passionate about all the work they do.