Photograph of Cara Senn examining a stick

Environmental Educator


Cara was born and raised in La Crosse, so an appreciation for the Driftless area was instilled early on by hiking the bluffs and biking the trails. From a young age, she’s always been interested in the little details of a landscape; from bugs to slugs to plants to fungi. At home, she has three cats and an unruly backyard with native plants and a food garden. Tending to the garden is her favorite way to relax, along with hiking, foraging, and kayaking. Cara attended UW-La Crosse with a B.A. in Plant and Fungal Science and a minor in Spanish. She is currently pursuing an M.S. in Biology, with a focus on conservation of the La Crosse River Marsh. She’s very passionate about the conservation of all habitats, which is why The Nature Place is a perfect fit. She hopes to learn as much as she can, inspire young minds to explore nature and find their own passions for the natural world.