Camdyn Rohde

Development Fellow


Camdyn grew up in central Wisconsin where she was surrounded by fields and flat land. So, ever since coming to La Crosse for the first time to visit her sister at college eight years ago, she has been in love with the Driftless area and its beauty. Growing up, playing outside was an everyday occurrence for Cam and now as an adult she enjoys boating and hanging out at the lake, hammocking, playing cards on the porch, and going for walks outside. Cam is a third-year student at UWL where she will graduate in spring 2025. She is currently obtaining a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Communication and Advocacy and a minor in Race, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Cam is also a second-year RA in Angell Hall. She is super excited for her ability to make a difference in the community through her fellowship at The Nature Place.