Brenda Haug

Vice Chair


I decided to be a part of WisCorps at the very beginning because I was intrigued by the concept of the conservation corps, especially all the experiences that would become available to young people. I was also very interested in the potential growth possibilities regarding projects, sites, and education. Over the years I've become so proud of the crew members, the projects that have been completed, and the new communities that WisCorps has been invited to assist. Having been Executive Director of Hixon Forest Nature Center for 14 years, I'm also very happy that WisCorps has expanded it's environmental education programs to families, schools, and the community.

Personally, I'm a big "project" person, whether crocheting a blanket or laying patio bricks, I love to make "stuff". In the warmer months, flower and vegetable gardens are my projects, but I also have four grandchildren locally that are regular visitors. My current passion is travel - as I'm getting to the age that I want to make sure I'm still able to enjoy and explore. I was fortunate to visit Mexico, Costa Rica, Florida, Colorado, and Jamaica in 2022 and plan to add a few more destinations in 2023!

This year promises to bring lots of exciting times and growth for WisCorps, and I look forward to seeing it all develop.