Photo of Marble Voigt sitting on a chair

Environmental Educator


Marlie/Marble Voigt was born and raised in La Crosse. They are majoring in art education and minoring in art history at UW-La Crosse and hope to spend their life living and breathing art. Besides being an artist, Marlie is an ultramarathon trail runner. Running up the bluffs with the wisdom of nature blending into the constant whirring in their mind reminds them with every uphill comes a downhill. Their biggest wish for the world is for communities to continuously cultivate what it means to be human–to dream, to innovate, and to collaborate. As an Environmental Educator, Marble hopes to pass this enthusiasm to local children through knowledge and exploration of the Driftless region, and the marvelous native flora and fauna. When Marlie’s days are done, they know they will always have the love of their life to come home to, their sweet and sassy cat, Beans.